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If your in Dallas, Texas or live/work close by we will have Will Fleischman & Eric Perry at the BlackIron BBQ Smoker Factory doing a full day of smoking on the PitViper XL / OG Grill / and El Guapo . We encourage you to stop by and put your hands on one of these bad boys. It’s a perfect time to ask questions and see the PitViper Series live in action.. Not to mention taste some of the awesome food prepared by these guys. Please send us an email if you think you’ll be able to make it and let us know if there is anything in specific you’d like to see.

We plan on kicking this off around 10:30am and will run it until the last man is standing.

Email us at or call 972-479-0699 Ask For David Rediger

Date: Thursday March 24, 2016

Time: 10:30am

Our Location:

10500 Metric Drive Bldg. 122
Dallas, Texas 75243


2 thoughts on “Thursday March 24, 2016 Starting @ 10:30 Will Fleischman & Eric Perry are doing a day of cooking at the factory

  1. bob,

    Wish this was happening where i live! Sounds like a lot of fun and learning experience ! Love to have a smoker like that…. i would have a hobby…

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