BBQ Smoker And BBQ Smoking Meats

Will Fleischman cooking on the BlackIron BBQ PitViper L ** We here at BlackIron BBQ are very proud to have the endorsement of Mr. Fleischman. Take a look at our Will Fleischman Signature Series Smokers!!

Smoking Meat is a comprehensive introduction to the art of smoking. 50 recipes provide expert guidance on smoking all types of meat, from beef and poultry to pork, game, and seafood, and eye-popping photography offers the culinary inspiration you need to create the perfect sauce, mop, or rub for your preferred cut.

More than just a book of recipes, Smoking Meat teaches you the fundamentals of successful smoking, including how to choose a smoker, how to “tune” a fire for optimum temperature control, and how to choose the right wood for the right meat. Expert advice coaches you on how to avoid common mistakes, how to buy the right cuts of meat and the optimal tools, and which spices work best for which meats.

With Smoking Meat, you will be speaking the language of smoking and barbecue in no time, and basking in the “low and slow” approach that is required for successful smoking.
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