Smoked Chicken Wings on BlackIronBBQ's PitViperXL
Smoked Chicken Wings On The PitViperXL

Product Description

• Get your VIPER Smoker loaded with your favorite wood we recommend using Applewood or some kind of fruit wood that has a mild smoke flavor profile
• Your pit needs to be rolling around a temperature of 285 – 300 degrees
• Amount of chicken wings to purchase… That’s all up to you! As much or as little as you think you’ll can eat.
• Once your pit is rolling take your chicken wings and heavily coat the wings with your favorite BBQ Seasoning. We recommend a ½ & ½ mixture of Atkins Western BBQ Seasoning & Gordons Grub Rub. These seasonings should be premixed for best results. We like to spray the wings with a light coating of a canola oil.
• When your PitViper is up to the desired temperature place the wings on the racks close up the pit and allow to cook for approximately 2 – 2 ½ hours. The wings will get a nice dark golden color and will also start to crisp up the skin of the chicken wings. Nothing worse then serving a soggy wing!
• We do not recommend adding any BBQ sauce or Carolina sauce till the VERY end of the smoking process.
• About 10-15 minutes before your wings are ready to be pulled off the pit apply a generous layer of your desired sauce and continue smoking the chicken for 10 – 15 minutes. This will allow the sauce to firm up.
• PULL OFF THE PIT.. Shut Everything Down.. And Start The Grub Process.
Recommended Sauce: Carolina Sauce
Recommended Rub/Spice: Atkins Western / Gordons Grub Rub
Time To Make W/ Prep: Approximately 3.5 Hours

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