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The BlackIronBBQ  PitViperM brings all of the added benefits of the large to midsize scale commercial smokers, like consistency and generous cooking space, to the general consumer.  With the heavy duty dual wall insulated framing structure, the PitViperM is designed for small business, homeowners, and backyard cooking enthusiasts. We here at BlackIronBBQ love our barbecue that is why we created this line of BBQ Smokers for both individuals and commercial restaurant applications.

For more detailed instructions on how to use your PitViper BBQ Smoker please refer below to the additional information tab.

Dimensions 8 SqFt Cooking Space
24”W x 18”D x 48”H (58” with Casters & Stack)
Features • 16 Gauge Double Walled Mild Steel
• Bottom Fire Box W/Elevated Wood Rack
• 304 Stainless Steel Removable Water Pan
• Heavy Duty Hinges and Ball Handle Latches
• Pitmaster IQ120 Kit (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
• High Temperature Fiberglass Flange-Mount Seals
• 3” Tel-Tru Glow Dial Temperature Gauge
• Rolling Casters
• Leveling Jacks (Optional)
• Adjustable Stack Exhaust
• Multiple Colors Available
• Diamond Plate Detailing
Options • Pitmaster IQ120 Kit – SKU# BiBBQ-IQ120
• Leveling Jacks – SKU# BiBBQ-LVL-M
• College Badging – SKU# BiBBQ-COL-BD
•  Additional Shelf  – SKU# BiBBQ-SHF-M
•  90 Degree Directional Smoke Stack – SKU# BiBBQ-SMK-STK
Custom Since we manufacture everything in-house at our facility in Dallas, TX, this product can be customized to your exact specifications.


PitViper M Add-on Options *

PitViper M Add-on Options ( some features shown on picture are not included in base price )

Product Description

BlackIron’s unique design in conjunction with benefits only seen in commercial smokers providing professional results in a smaller more economical package. Featuring heavy duty dual wall insulated frames, the PitViperM is designed for backyard enthusiasts. With 3 pull out racks the PitViperM can accommodate several varieties of meats to be cooked simultaneously, eliminating the need for multiple smokers. The insulated design and internal juice reservoir capitalizes on internal chamber temperatures reducing the need for large scale heat sources. Normal heating requirements in conjunction with our Pittmaster ICQ controls provide cutting edge temperature control and melt in your mouth results.


Why did we create the PitViper Series of BBQ smokers?

For years we searched, tried and experimented with numerous BBQ commercial smokers.  Most of the products lacked certain elements or failed to maintain heat over extended cooking times.  The biggest issue was quality.  Most of the higher end commercial restaurant BBQ Smokers literally started falling apart after 12-16 months of use.  As a manufacturing facility located in Dallas, TX we used our experience in designs, metal selections and fabrication to build a BBQ pit that will last decades.

Frame and Box Design:
Pitviper BBQ Smokers are designed for years of use with minimum maintenance and repair.  Featuring 16 gauge mild steel double insulated walls, our smokers hold temperatures better and utilize less heat to maintain cooking temperatures.  Another advantage double insulated walls provide is limiting external environmental conditions like rain or temperature fluctuations.  This design also reduces the heat typically felt on the outside of other single wall design smokers.

Water Trap:  Integrated within each PitViper BBQ smoker is a 16 gauge 304 stainless steel water trap. This pan can be filled with water or other juices to help keep meats moist, but can also be used to reduce internal temperature if the fire box exceeds your cooking temperature.  The water trap also includes a drain for easy removal of excess liquids and can also be equipped with an external fill switch to add water during cooking.

Cooking Surface: Depending on the model purchase most PitViper series BBQ smokers have a number of removable cooking trays and one additional open slot.  These trays can be configured or removed depending on the meat being smoked or an additional tray can also be purchased.

Vertical Smoke Cookers: All Black Iron BBQ smokers utilize vertical design fire boxes.  These designs allow for the heat to be directly located beneath the water pan, and let the heat and smoke slowly rise around the cooking area and meats.  Due to the internal design and insulation the smokers require less materials to maintain temperatures allowing the cook more time to focus on other duties.

The internal design of the fire box contains 3 key sections.
1. Elevated Wood Rack: Located below the water pan and above the charcoals, the direct heat provides a direct heat to smoke the wood vs traditional boxes using wood and charcoal together.

2. Charcoal Pan: The charcoal pan sits above the ash pan and easily slides out of the fire box for initial and additional addition of charcoal.

3. Ash Pan: The ash pan sits directly below the charcoal pan and provides an easy way to collect and remove ash from the fire box.

Additional Information

Weight 400 lbs

9 SqFt Cooking Space
24”W x 18”D x 48”H (58” with Casters & Stack)


• 9 SqFt Cooking Space
• 16 Gauge Double Walled Mild Steel
• Bottom Fire Box W/Elevated Wood Rack
• Integrated Juice Box
• Heavy Duty Hinges and Ball Handle Latches
• Pitmaster IQ120 Kit (Optional)
• High Temperature Fiberglass Flange-Mount Seals
• 5” Tel-Tru Glow Dial Temperature Gauge
• Integrated Water/Juice In-Take Valve
• Integrated Drain Plug
• Rolling Casters
• Leveling Jacks (Optional)
• Dual Adjustable Stack Exhausts
• Multiple Colors Available
• Diamond Plate Detailing (Optional)

How To Level Your PitViper

Leveling you PitViper BBQ Smoker

Leveling your PitViper BBQ Smoker is critical to ensure that your integrated water pan can hold the maximum amount of water thus keeping moisture levels are the proper amount during your cook times. Not to mention if the PitVIper is not level then the water may potentially spill over into the firebox area. The following steps will help insure you have a great BBQ experience.

Materials Required
1. Contractor Bubble level with horizontal & vertical display
2. Leveling Material. You can use wood, paving stones, etc. This is assuming you do not have a solid surface such as concrete or solid wood decking.

1. Roll your PitViper BBQ Smoker to the desired location.

2. Place the level on top of the smoker. Start gradually lowering the leveling legs until the wheels are slightly lifted off the surface. (On dirt or gravel you may need to use a paver stone or piece of wood as a base for the lifting pad). Level side to side and front to back.

3. Have someone watch the level and slowly adjust each leveling foot until the smoker shows level.

Preparing The Fire In The Fire Box

Preparing the Fire Box

Smoking is the process of cooking by indirect heat and usually takes several hours at low temperatures to obtain your desired results. A critical step in achieving your goals is to maintain a steady temperature throughout the cooking process. This can be achieved and mastered by anyone with a little practice on your new PitMaster BBQ Smoker

1. Preparing our coals for the fire box.
This can be achieved by starting with a 3/4 full chimney of charcoal briquettes or lump charcoal. Once the coals are hot dump the charcoal onto the tray and evenly level them out. At this time you can also mix in some unlit briquettes that will start to burn adding some additional time released heat.

2. At this time we will begin adding some pecan, mesquite or other preferred smoking wood to the grate directly above the charcoal pan onto the wood cradle.

3. Over the next few hours you should monitor the wood and add additional pieces as necessary to maintain a solid smoke base to our meats, but also prolong our BBQ temperature. In rare cases it may be necessary to add additional charcoal on longer cooking meats. We highly recommend that charcoals be heated and prepared in a charcoal chimney first before placing back into the smoker. The charcoals should be an ash or white in color before adding. This is not something we recommend or is really needed.

How To Season Your PitViper

Seasoning your PitViper

Although you’re new PitViper Smoker has been initially cleaned and degreased at the factory it’s important that we perform and initial seasoning that will remove any remaining containments, but also remove any potential odors that remain from production. Look inside the smoker chamber and see if any visual containments are present. If so you can wash the inside with mild soap and water and then allow to air dry.

1. Open the smoker box and use a can of spray oil or olive oil on the sides, tops cooking grates, etc. Do not coat the Water Trap or Fuel Box.

2. Fill a starter chimney with charcoal, once hot add to charcoal pan in fire box. At this time you can add some wood.

3. The next step is to heat the smoker up to 250-275 degrees for at least 2 hours. Water is not necessary at this point during the curing process.

4. Once the initial 2 hours has passed open the doors and allow the fire to die off and the smoker to air cool.

Congratulations, at this point you are now ready to start smoking some quality BBQ


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