Bluetooth Barbecue Thermometer - Model ET-735

This unit will allow you to monitor the temperature of your food cooking in the oven or on the grill via Bluetooth to your Smart Phone or Tablet in your home. This unit will beep to alert you when your food is ready or your BBQ temperature is out of the range you set.


Product Description

MODEl ET-735 bluetooth barbecue thermometer

• Monitor barbecue temperatures from your IPhone, Ipad, Android or Tablet.
• Barbecue to the perfect temperature every time.
• 2 – 36″ long water-resistant probes with probe wire rated for 572°F.
• Water-resistant transmitter allows you to monitor up to 4 probes
(additional probes sold separately).
• Alerts you when food is up to temperature and when BBQ falls out of temperature range.
• Select what to monitor: 1 meat and 1 BBQ or 2 Meats or 2 BBQs
• Monitor your Food & Barbecue from up to 160 Feet Away!
• Available in black and white

Current Compatibility List

1. iPhone 4S
2. iPhone 5
3. iPhone 5S
4. iPhone 6
5. iPad (3rd & 4th Generation or newer)
6. iPad Mini
7. iPad Mini 2
8. iPad Air

1. Samsung Galaxy S4
2. Samsung Galaxy S4 mini
3. Samsung Galaxy S5
4. Samsung Note 2
5. Samsung Note 3
6. Sony Xperia Z1
7. LG Nexus 5
8. LG G3
9. HTC One M8
10. Motorola Moto G

Instruction Manual


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