Layaway Terms & Conditions

BlackIronBBQ Layaway is offered on-line only. We know that the costs of smokers and grills sometimes prevents immediate purchase, so we provide our customers the opportunity to make payments over an extended time on all smokers and grills.

Smoker & Grill Layaway: The BlackIronBBQ Layaway program is subject to change without notice. In the event that BlackIron offers or promotes a lower price for the smoker or grill you have on layaway we will match the price if contacted by the customer. Any difference will be credited in the price. Price matching will only occur during the layaway and is not retroactive.

Eligible BlackIron Products:
• PitViper Series Smokers
• TailGator Smoker
• TailGator Disc
• Charcoal Grills

Terms and Conditions (Up to 6 monthly payments):
To start your layaway you must make an initial payment exceeding 10% or equal to the monthly payment plan. A Black Iron representative can assist you with a payment plan. Each month a payment must be made, although we do not specify a specific payment date. Additional payments can be made at any time, but the monthly payment amount must always be made. The maxim layaway plan term is six months.

Plan Rules:
• All layaway plans will be cancelled if the payment is more than 30 days late or past due.
• Payments can be made by check, Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express). We also offer monthly automatic charges if you would like to have your card billed monthly on a specific date.
• Changes to orders cannot be made once layaway begins. If you wish to close your account please contact a Black Iron representative at
• Items on layaway will ship no later than 30 days after final payment has been received.
• All layaways after reaching over 50% of the total value become non-refundable.
• The full balance of any account may be paid at any time. If the product is immediately available it will be shipped, otherwise the product will be completed within 30 days.
• Any products no longer available or produced during your layaway will be refunded to the customer.
• Layaway accounts are not transferable
• Account history for any layaway can be requested through, please make sure to include account number with request.

Cancellation Policy:
Layaways can be cancelled at any time in writing, and must be submitted to

Orders will automatically cancel if:
• Any scheduled payment is 30 days late or past due.
• The product on layaway is no longer offered or manufactured by BlackIronBBQ’s.
If this scenario occurs no cancellation fee will be assessed.
If you choose to close your account before reaching the 50% total balance please submit your request in writing to: A refund of the amount paid will be send less the cancellation fee of (10% of the order total). If your account has reached the 50% value of the total order, no refund will be issued. If you still wish to cancel the order please contact in Writing.

BlackIronBBQ’s cancellation fee on all layaways is 10% of the order total, in most instances this is equal to the first initial payment. Once the final payment is received and BlackIronBBQ is unable to deliver the product within the terms outlined in the agreement, the customer will receive a full refund and all subsequent payments made under this agreement except as provided by law.