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  1. Dennis Black,

    viagra drug contraindications I am an extremely serious Q-er and smoker. I often cater events during the short season here in New England. This morning I came across your site and was very impressed by what seems to be a great line of high proformance products. I am going to be looking much deeper into your products thank you.D

  2. Dan Finney,

    source Let me be the first in Alaska. Have some of the best BBQ smokers, now for yours. Home cook, family hero, local favorite, let me bring yours here. Thank you.

  3. Marlin kidd,

    This would be awesome the 29th, Leapyear is my sons birthday and what a gift this would make. I have been passing on the recipe’s to my son as so he may continue enjoying the wonderful flavers that can be created through smoking.

  4. Steve Stanley,

    Started smoking on gas smoker that my parents gave then tried an electric smoker but that took all of the fun out of it. Got a green egg for Christmas but it’s a medium and can’t feed a crowd on it. Always looking for new techniques and recipes look foward to getting your news letter.

  5. Bradley Hendrix,

    Never have had any fancy smokers but seem to get buy with the ones I have. Problems are cold spots and even heating.. can’t get temp low enough and still smoke for cold smoking turkeys or cheeses. But have found by placing an amazing pellet smoker in the unit works well. If I am doing pork shoulders which can take up to 16 hrs its very time consuming because of having to monitor it constantly..it would be great to have a smoker that is versatile and gives even heat and settings. No more of having to bring my pepperoni stix in the house and finishing them off to insure even cooking and not burning anything. Would be blessed with a smoker that can do it all.

  6. Jason Waddell,

    Awesome website! I would love to promote your business with my BBQ catering company by showing off a new Pit Viper! I’ll be entering the contest today! I own a Lone Star Custom Trailor Pit and this would be the ultimate sidekick!

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