May $500 Gift Card Winner

May Winner

Congratulations to Terry Lunsford from Conway, Arkansas for being the May $500 Gift Card Giveaway winner. We will be emailing everyone our Father Day package promotions and giveaway this week so stay tuned! Please remember we select the winners from our BlackIron BBQ database so if you receive emails from us you are automatically entered for our awesome promotions and giveaways.

Please remember you must be opted into our email subscriber list to be selected for the giveaways.

38 thoughts on “May $500 Gift Card Winner

  1. Aaron Willis,

    You can pick me for any if your giveaways and contests, I promise it will not hurt my feelings…and I would love to add to my fleet a Black Iron Smoker….so go ahead and draw my name.

  2. Lawrence Siegfried,

    Congratulations to this month’s winner..Try picking one down here in Tampa Bay … The Wizard’s Pit could surely use one of those fine smokers…

  3. Jeffery Phillips,

    First, I got the name Chef Jef living in CA, not because I have any culinary education, but because I do some amazing grillin, so I want to know how good it can be with a professional grill to prepare meats, cheeses and veggies on. Choose me some I can experience the real deal.

  4. Lloyd,

    I’d love one of the best smokers around, cant afford one yet as the job market still sucks. It would be a miracle come true to win one!

  5. Jeff Dolleck,

    Congratulations to the winner I recently lost the use of my legs and it would be great to cook for everybody at the place where I’m living thank you

  6. James Rankine,

    Congratulations to the winner. I hope he gets great use out of his winnings.
    Like all the rest of us here I would love to win one, but in the mean time I am saving my pennies each week to eventually buy one.

    Kudos again to BlackIron BBQ for a great product and the dream of a chance to win.

  7. Jesse S,

    Congrats, really nice package for the Father’s day Promotion. This will truly make you a pro, and very popular with the family as well as friends.
    Representing the Northern California…Enjoy

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