At BlackIron BBQ the journey is equally as important as the destination. Being a small US manufacturing company, we have a simplistic approach to R&D (Research & Development). We try to get together after hours once a week (sometime entire weekends) to use one a number our products and brainstorm improving our existing product. The demand for BlackIron BBQ Smokers and Grills have rapidly increased in a relatively short amount of time. This is fantastic news for us and as we grow, these meetings of the “minds” will remain a common occurrence.

The redesigned trailer hitch and stand for the TailGator derived from one of these pow-wows and we decided last night that we will be committing to many more smoker giveaways moving forward. We are back at it today grinding, welding, shipping, & having fun watching everyone work take place. Thank you for your interest in BlackIron BBQ and if you ever have any questions on any of our products feel free to call! You will speak to a live person. local 972.479.0699 toll free 1.866.642.2832


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