BareKnuckle Premium Rubs for Beef, Poultry, or Pork

Make your food pack a punch!

Bareknuckle Premium Rubs
Slap this rub liberally on the meat you’re preparing to cook covering all surfaces evenly. Don’t be afraid of putting too much of a good thing on your food! Let the meat rest for at least 25 minutes after it’s rubbed before cooking. Then be prepared to be punched in the mouth with flavor.

All Bareknuckle Premium Rubs use natural ingredients that your grandma cooked with and are gluten free, in case you are wondering.

Beef Heavy Weight
Heavyweights should hit hard, and our Heavy Weight Beef Rub does just that. Your brisket, beef ribs, or even beat up hamburgers are gonna come out swinging with the complex mix of garlic, onion, salt and pepper.

Pork Welter Weight
Our pork rub has a bit of a refined gentleman brawler character to it. This rub starts off friendly and sweet and then catches you with a few stout jabs of heat. Your ribs or pork butt, slow smoked are gonna have your taste buds throwing in the towel.

Poultry Bantam Weight
Your turkey, chicken, or other flying dinner is going to appreciate the roundhouse punch of the herbs and seasonings in our Bantam Weight Poultry Rub. Roasting, baking, and smoking bring out the best in this rub, but don’t be shy about trying it in a fry batter as well.