BBQ Smoker Giveaway

Congratulations to Mark Gadrix from Marietta, GA for being the 2016 April Fools Giveaway winner of the BlackIron BBQ PitViper M insulated smoker. Please don’t be discouraged if your name was not selected this time around! YES that’s correct we are doing it again in May 1st . We will be emailing notification of Aprils winner along with what we plan to give away in May and will be doing something awesome for Fathers Day for a package GIVEAWAY!!! Just remember we select the winners from our BlackIron BBQ database so if you receive emails from us you are automatically entered for our awesome promotions and giveaways.

Please remember you must be opted into our email subscriber list to be selected for the giveaways.


DON’T FORGET TO USE YOUR COUPON CODE DURING CHECKOUT!! Its only valid until April 05th 2016. Coupon code during check out is APRIL2016AA

48 thoughts on “April Fools Giveaway – Winner Has Been Announced!

  1. mark olsen,

    What is the cost of smoker, with shipping to utah. And do you guys finance at all im useing a old stick burner now , at home and compitions id like to step up to a more relaxed smoker for compitions and catering events

    1. Comment author BlackIronBBQ,


      We do have a layaway plan. We are working on getting a third party financing company however is not setup and ready to go. The shipping will depend on the PitViper you choose. Please email for any questions or exact pricing on shipping.

  2. Chad,

    Congrats Mark! I think if my name had been there I would have thought it was an April Fools joke. I’m happy for you that it’s not! Enjoy your smoker!

  3. roby english,

    Congrats Mark!!! My friend Kevin is sad too….he was in line for my current smoker when I won this one. Smoke on brother!!

  4. James Rankine,

    Congratulations Mark on the win! The giveaway that you guys at BackIron do is awesome. I can only hope my name is next :).
    Good luck to all that enter next month.
    One day I’ll be able to get one of these sweet smokers.

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